The Mountain Spirit of Tribulaun

A long, long time ago, a mountain spirit lived at the Geschnitzer and Pflersch Tribulaun mountains. He was as strong as a giant, but couldn't harm a fly, because he was a good mountain spirit.

People from down in the valley often went to the Tribulaun and related stories to the mountain spirit about the valleys and all around the world. The mountain spirit was pleased when people came to visit him, enjoying their tales. When they left, he gave them a small gold piece. 

Many years passed, but the people's greed only increased. They only told the spirit tales now and then, but demanded more and more gold in return. The mountain spirit was unhappy with their greed. He wanted them to be humble and friendly as they were before, and stopped giving them any more gold. 

They thought up a plan to outsmart the spirit. They waited until he was asleep, then, ever so quietly, they sneaked up to the Tribulaun and stole as much gold as they could carry.

When the mountain spirit woke up, he saw what the humans had done. He angrily picked up huge boulders and threw them at the people. Fearfully, they dropped the gold and ran away as fast as they could.

For a time, things were quiet in the Sandes valley. But after a while, people tried stealing the gold again. The mountain spirit kept watch - no longer sleeping. Exhausted, his rage increased, and he sent terrifying avalanches down into the valley.

One day, a young man went up to the Tribulauns, singing a song as he went. His heart was cheerful and good, and he offered to help the mountain spirit. He  wanted to keep watch, so that the spirit could finally get some sleep and peace could be brought to the valley. 

The spirit looked at the young man for a long time, seeing deep into his heart. He saw that his heart did not lie, and believed him. The mountain spirit settled down to sleep amongst the cliffs.

The young man built a small hut next to the Tribulauns, from where he could see the whole Sandes valley. Every time when people tried to sneak through the valley, he woke up the spirit, who drove them out.

The young man and the mountain spirit lived together in harmony on the Tribulaun mountains for many years. The young man aged, and his son, and then his grandson, watched over the sleeping mountain spirit.  A long time had passed, and the valley's inhabitants forgot the mountain spirit of Tribulaun and the gold treasure.

Today, the Tribulaun hut stands where the young man once built his little house. There is no more gold to be found on the Tribulauns, but to this day, in Hintersandes you can see the boulders that the spirit threw at the villagers. 

The mountain spirit is still around, but hardly anyone knows exactly where. With a little luck, you'll see the face of the sleeping mountain spirit in the rocks, and can make a wish. Utter the wish as quietly as you can, without waking the spirit, and your wish will be fulfilled.


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